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As an expert in human behavior as it applies to sports, I'm involved in improving the athletic experience for all athletes-Little Leaguers to Professionals.

A varsity athlete and psychology major at the University of Pennsylvania, I received my psychiatric training at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. I am a parent and a recovering youth sport coach.

  • It is my belief that ethics and sportsmanship are integral to amateur sports, and should be more emphasized in college and professional athletics.

  • Never have athletes started as young or made as much money as they are making today. Though the stakes associated with athlete success are high, too often the emotional needs of athletes are not given the attention they deserve.

  • Likewise, though sports skills and strength training are emphasized in an athlete's preparation little attention is paid to mental skills training. Yet, the latter can often provide the edge that makes the difference between winning and losing.


    Direct to Athletes: Performance Enhancement; Behavioral Counseling and Consultation, Career Termination / Transition Counseling
    To Parents: How to raise a super-star athlete, how to tell if you're pushing your child too hard, how to make the youth sport experience fun for your child.
    To Athletic Directors and Coaches: Seminars on effective coaching, increasing team cohesion, understanding the problem athlete.
    To fellow physicians: consultation to athletes in need of counseling, particularly following injury.
    To the Media: authoritative commentary on issues such as sports violence, parental pressure in youth sports, hazing, emotional disorders in athletes.

    Checklists that parents and children should fill out, pre-season, to determine whether their expectations of the youth sport experience match.

    What ADHD Gymnasts look like, and how to manage them. A guide for coaches and parents. read more

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